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FM Neustroev and GM Bocharov Reveal...

The Road-map for English Opening and a Complete set of Tactical Gear to take White's Position by Storm

English Opening is very popular among super-GMs and club players alike.

Nearly all top players have English included in their repertoire: Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Fabiano Caruana, Vladimir Kramnik, Vishi Anand, Wesley So, and Hikaru Nakamura to name a few.

That's no coincidence.

English is one of the longest standing and positionally sound opening weapons.

Most club level players, however, do not have a specific preparation against 1.c4. They feel it looks similar to 1.d4 or 1.Nf3, and hope to transpose to one of the familiar lines.

BIG mistake!

One of the main advantages of English is that White has multiple ways to reach setups Black can't prevent.

That's why we created the new Opening Lab - Beating English with Black.

This 11.5-hour Opening Lab provides you with a road-map and a complete set of tactical gear to take White's position by storm. Armed with this knowledge you will have a substantial edge against any sub-2200 opponent!

GM Dmitry Bocharov [2647 peak FIDE] is a mastermind behind the deep ideas, strategies, and plans for countering the English. FM Viktor Neustroev deciphers his analysis and thinking into easy-to-understand, bite-sized lessons.

Here is what it'll do for you:

  • The tested-and-proven, most reliable lines to play against each of the 5 variations of English Opening
  • Build a powerful opening repertoire against the English ...that actually helps your game and makes you a better player through the positions that match your style
  • Read your opponent's plans and react with ease ...know what's coming next before your opponent does
  • Dictate the direction of the game ...rapidly increase your winning potential by playing familiar positions
  • Gain confidence and boost your performance by arming yourself with powerful GM's plans and strategies [that works even on the 2600 level]

With this Opening Lab you get the best of both worlds: the complex, very powerful concepts and ideas of 2647-rated Grandmaster, clearly explained by FM Viktor Neustroev.

Let's Begin?

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  • Lecture 1

    About the course - English Opening

  • Lecture 2

    Fianchetto Variation

  • Lecture 3

    Giri - Carlsen

  • Lecture 4

    Eljanov - Grischuk

  • Lecture 5

    Carlsen - Caruana

  • Lecture 6

    Four Knights Variation - Quiet Line

  • Lecture 7

    Bocharov - Alekseev

  • Lecture 8

    Hess - Izoria

  • Lecture 9

    Nimzowitsch Variation

  • Lecture 10

    Carlsen - Giri

  • Lecture 11

    Harika - Kosintseva

  • Lecture 12

    Keres Variation

  • Lecture 13

    Turov - Edouard

  • Lecture 14

    Dvirnyy - Balogh

  • Lecture 15

    Nakamura - Topalov

  • Lecture 16

    1.c4 e5 2.g3 c6

  • Lecture 17

    McShane - Anand

  • Lecture 18

    Grandelius - Giri

  • Lecture 19

    a3 variations

  • Lecture 20

    Yilmaz - Palac

  • Lecture 21

    Gelashvili - Gagunashvili

  • Lecture 22


  • Blitz

    Blitz Session

BEAT The English Opening!

Course + Practicum + PGNs + Extra Tasks + Applying the Theory

Beating English with Black - Opening Lab - video course [11 hours 20 minutes]

This 11.5-hour Opening Lab provides you with a roadmap and a complete set of tactical gear to take White's position by storm. Armed with this knowledge you will have a substantial edge against any sub-2200 opponent!

Access to Practicum

Train the important tactical skills and motifs with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

Complete set of PGNs + Novelties

Downloadable, complete set of PGNs of all the games and opening theory covered in the course. Each lecture comes with a separate PGN file for your convenience and ease of navigation. Powerful novelties included, to surprise those titled players.

Extra Training Tasks - Quiz [PDF]

Advanced training tasks are included to make sure you grasp the most important ideas of the opening theory, able to find the best moves and right continuations in actual games.

Applying the Theory [Blitz Session]

Watch FM Viktor Neustroev playing live and applying principles and ideas covered in the course. FM Neustroev annotates the games on-the-fly, sharing his ideas and secrets of success. A must-have for any serious chess player.

Brief Summary/Reference Guide

The downloadable summary of the key points covered in the course for quick reference and reviewing. Use it as a quick refresher after studying the course or print it and pin it on the wall.

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FM Viktor Neustroev (FIDE 2305)

is a chess player and coach who won multiple regional competitions and received various awards. He has coached for many years and has had highly successful students. Viktor sees his mission in teaching chess and making his students overall much better players.

GM Dmitry Bocharov (FIDE 2647)

is a professional chess player and coach with a peak rating of 2647 FIDE. He has won many National and International tournaments. Some of his notable achievements include winning 2004 Abu Dhabi Chess Festival, winning Chigorin memorial and World University Chess Championship 2008. In 2015 Bocharov won the 2015 Russian Blitz Chess Championship. GM Bocharov also played alongside Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian winning both Russian Team Chess Championship Premier League and the European Chess Club Cup in 2015.


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  • q-iconIs it a physical DVD or a digital download?

    The video is an instant download. The endgame practicum is accessed via the secure area on the server.

  • q-iconWhat package should I get?

    Combination of the video course with the endgame practicum will lead to faster results. If budget is an issue, the video by itself is also great.

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    If you have another question about this chess course, feel free to contact me.