What Masters Know about Playing vs. King's Indian Attack... That You Don't

Secrets Reveled by NM Viktor Neustroev

attack and defense chess

You are going to discover...

  • Why 1.Nf3 is played in the first place - a BIG secret revealed...
  • A strong weapon against 1.Nf3 [you can learn it over the weekend and it'll serve your a lifetime]
  • How to beat the ever popular King's Indian Attack? [a must-know weapon for ambitious players]
  • The line you should NEVER play against KIA with Black
  • The correct move order to tackle any KIA structure [the so-called 'bullet-proof' setup]
  • The must know patterns, key moves and ideas to feel comfortable even against 2300 rated opponents
  • A very powerful b4-pawn sacrifice that completely undermines white's Queen's side