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Hi there, 

Playing against a stronger opponent is quite an experience.  Those are the games when you often get in trouble right out of the opening, struggle in the middlegame and perhaps never even make it to the endgame…

And that’s understandable.  How do you even play against those significantly higher rated opponents?

For majority of players, it’s a bad day they want to get over with, move on and simply erase from their memory…

Yes, it’s frustrating, annoying and perhaps even embracing to watch your position deteriorate even after you make, as you think, series of good moves.  You turn on the “survival mode” but it only seems to help your opponent at finishing you off faster.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does.

And we are here to help.

What if you could get a solid and playable position even against those higher rated players? What if you could avoid all the nightmare of surviving those TERRIBLE lost games? What if you could feel confident and in control even when playing up?

In this new course IM Renier Castellanos is sharing his signature techniques of successfully playing against those significantly stronger opponents. By using this methodology, IM Castellanos was able to beat 2600+ players, being only 2400.

Indeed this course will not make you invincible. What it will do is provide you with all the necessary tools, ideas and weapons for maximizing your odds against the higher rated opponents. Those techniques are all tested-and-proven by IM Castellanos and dozens of his private students from 1400 all the way up to 2350.

By following the recommendations from this course, you will notice a significant boost in confidence, which will transform into better positions and the higher success rate against higher rated opponents.



  • Beating Stronger Opponents

    Instant download of the 3 hours long, video course with IM Renier Castellanos. The course covers the exact methodology and thinking process that IM Castellanos applies to outplay stronger opponents.

  • Access to Supplementary Materials

    Get access to special resources such as practicum and training exercises to reinforce concepts presented in the course.

  • Download PGNs of All Examples From The Video

    Download examples covered in the video course in PGN  notation format, so that you can analyze it at your convenience.

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  • How to find the game-saving resources under extreme pressure?
  • Castellanos’ method of gaining the initiative even against stronger players
  • #1 Most important idea to keep in mind when playing against a positional player
  • How grandmasters use the h3/h6 hooks to open up the positions and extract the opponent’s king?
  • Things you need to consider before starting a successful attack
  • Single most important principle about keeping tension in the game, and why and how you should do it against stronger opponents


  • Chapter 1

    Finding resources under pressure

  • Chapter 2

    The importance of the initiative

  • Chapter 3

    Playing against a positional player

  • Chapter 4

    The importance of endgame knowledge

  • Chapter 5

    The attack

  • Chapter 6

    Keeping the tension


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IM Renier Castellanos (FIDE 2529)

is an active chess player and trainer for over 10 years, have worked for Chessbase and done live commentary on several major events, winner of many international tournaments. One Grandmaster norm. Highest FIDE rating 2529.