with Grandmaster Alexander Ipatov

"Rook endgames are the most common and probably one of the most complex of all endings. No wonder 90% of chess players have trouble with them. This course will make rook endgames one of your strongest sides!"

Hi there, 

Rook endgames are one of the most common and, at the same time, probably the most complex of all endings. There are countless number of key positions, counter-intuitive variations and patterns that most amateur players don’t get and simply prefer to stay away.

And that’s understandable.

Trying to absorb that much information on your own and to be able to apply this knowledge in your own games is not a simple task.

There are always questions such as:

  • What positions should I study?
  • What elements should I pay specific attention to?
  • What’s important and what’s not?

This chess DVD will tremendously simplify your task.

  • No more digging out positions that you need to study
  • No more second-guessing the outcome
  • No more tons and tons of confusing endgame theory with little to none explanation

GM Alexander Ipatov does an excellent job explaining complicated concepts in an easy to follow manner. While, the most chess books and DVDs will only teach you the move order and nothing else, Alexander in his 3-hour lecture goes through 36 most critical rook endgame positions that any player from an amateur to a Grandmaster must know.

In this DVD, GM Ipatov teaches you how to think and how to make right decisions in the endgame. Not only you will learn the right moves, but also you will get a high quality Grandmaster’s explanation of why that is the case. It will help you to structure your thinking and you will be able to play not only these but also other similar endgames much more precisely and effectively.

After watching this DVD, you won’t have to worry about rook endgames anymore. You will learn the most effective PLANS and IDEAS that can be used to win or draw positions that you previously considered drawn or lost.



  • Dominate Rook Endgames Video Course

    Instant download of the 3 hour long, endgame video course with GM Alexander Ipatov. The video covers 36 most important positions that any competitive chess player must know.

  • Access to a Comprehensive Endgame Trainer

    Practice all of the 36 endgame examples covered in the video against our sophisticated endgame trainer paired with Nalimov Tablebases.

  • Download PGNs of All Examples From The Video

    Download examples covered in the video course in both PGN and ChessBase notation formats, so that you can analyze it at your convenience.

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  • Chapter 1

    Basic Positions

  • Chapter 2

    Typical Techniques

  • Chapter 3

    Intermediate Rook and Pawn Endgames

  • Chapter 4

    Advanced Rook and Pawn Endgames

  • Chapter 5

    Practical Examples

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Chapter  1: Basic Positions 

  • Philidor Position
  • Lucena Position
  • Cut-off King vs. (b, c - pawn)
  • Typical Stalemate Ideas

Chapter 2: Typical Techniques

  • Advanced Pawn vs. Rook
  • Cut-off king vs. Doubled Knight Pawns
  • Typical Skewer Rook Pawn Draw
  • Two Pawns draw (a,g)
  • Two Pawns win (a,f)
  • Grigoriev Position (Rook + e-pawn)
  • Kopaev Position (Rook + e-pawn)

Chapter 3: Intermediate Rook and Pawn Endgames

  • Pawn on 6th Rank
  • Kling - Horwitz
  • Pawn on 7th Corner Draw (King on c,d,e,f - file)
  • Vancura Position

Chapter 4: Advanced Rook and Pawn Endgames

  • Cheron Position
  • Two Connected Pawns + Rook vs Rook and King
  • Two Isolated f,h - Pawns vs. King and Rook

Chapter 5: Practical Examples

  • Cornette - Ipatov (2012)
  • Lilienthal - Smyslov (1941)
  • Flohr - Vidmar (1979)
  • Spielmann - Rubinstein (1909)


  • Dominate Rook Endgames Video Course

    Instant download of the 3 hour long, endgame video course with GM Alexander Ipatov. The video covers 36 most important positions that any competitive chess player must know.

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GM Alexander Ipatov (FIDE 2612)

is an International Chess Grandmaster, member of the Turkish National Team. The World Junior Chess Champion and Vice-Champion in 2012 and 2013. The winner and medalist of various international events in Spain, France, USA, South African Republic, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Bulgaria.


“Just a note to say how much I am enjoying the rook endgame video; well done! I am learning a lot. I would be interested in any other videos you have made or are going to make, especially on the endgame. Keep up the great work.” - Ray Morris, 1650 elo

Thanks for the rook endgame information.This is a must have for any serious chess player. Good job for making great stuff! - Amuan Pal, 1900 elo 

GM Alexander does a great job explaining these endings in a simple manner. I rewatched the video 2-3 times and solved all problems from the practice section. My rating went up by 100 elo. - James Barn, 1500 elo


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  • q-iconIs it a physical DVD or a digital download?

    The video is an instant download. The endgame practicum is accessed via the secure area on the server.

  • q-iconWhat package should I get?

    Combination of the video course with the endgame practicum will lead to faster results. If budget is an issue, the video by itself is also great.

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    If you have another question about this chess course, feel free to contact me.