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"National Master Dan Heisman’s Essential video collection is an incredible compilation of over 100+ lessons and 50 hours of material from one of the most instructional chess coaches in the world."

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National Master Dan Heisman’s Essential video collection is an incredible compilation of over 100+ lessons and 50 hours of material from one of the most instructional chess coaches in the world, Dan Heisman. Dan is arguably the most instructional chess coach you’ll ever find. This Mega bundle includes some of the highest quality training material Dan Heisman has ever produced, aimed at all levels of play, although especially valuable for the intermediate and club players.

Dan's videos have received rave reviews, as a user wrote:

"Video 25. The three types of Chess Vision, is one of your very best videos ever!! Creative and truly groundbreaking work!! Delightful puzzles and your final combo terrific! Never dreamed of conceiving of chess & mind in this way. *****Outstanding!! Thank you. I'll be reviewing this one many times."

This delightful video collection is divided into four volumes:

  • Part 1

    Thought Process and General Improvement [20 hours 6 minutes]

    Here Dan explains something as simple yet complex as thought process, and how it’s applied correctly and (incorrectly!) in chess. He explains how to evaluate, analyze, calculate, and use judgement and memory. This collection on Thought Process and general improvement comes with 42 videos for you to relish and enjoy.

  • Part 2

    Tactics and Safety [7 hours 11 minutes]

    In this 15-video series, NM Dan Heisman shows you how to assess a position, answering all the questions that relate to tactics and in particular about thyour own safety, helping you find a clear method to understand whether your planned move is safe or not. Being able to assess a position is one of the most important skills a good chess player needs to master, and by following Dan's advices you'll feel your chess strength and your confidence grow fast!

  • Part 3

    Openings [13 hours 6 minutes]

    NM Dan Heisman shows you in this useful 29-video series what to do after the "normal position" of an opening is reached. It is a different approach to the opening theory; how many times have you reached the limit of your opening theory knowledge to find yourself in doubt about what to do next? Dan likes calling these Tabiyas (what to do in a normal position), and how to plan ahead when the standardized position arising on the board. In this series all the most played and famous openings are "tabiy-zed": Ruy Lopez, Sicilian, French. King's Indian, Slav, Caro-Kann, Nimzo, English, etc. A must-have series to improve you chess and increase your rating.

  • Part 4

    Endings [9 hours 29 minutes]

    NM Dan Heisman tackles the classics here, including the Lucena position and Pawn endings, but in this really useful series Dan also focus his attention on several different subjects, such as Zugzwang, pawn promotion, technique, the all-important 7th rank, and more. And NM Heisman's gives examples taken from amateur games, which illustrate brilliantly how the club player normally deals with endgames, and how it is possible to improve!

Now, for the first time, Dan has put all his lessons, philosophies and findings into an incredible 49 hour series: “Essential Dan Heisman: From A to Zugzwang”. And to celebrate its launch you can get a huge 70% off the standard price.

Dan Heisman’s teaching is all about process. You don’t just learn what to do in a common pattern and hope it appears in your game. You learn how to find the right idea in any position. That’s what makes it so effective.

The Essential Dan Heisman bundle contains 107 lessons covering 4 areas: opening tabiyas, tactics and safety, thought process and endings. Being an original thinker, most of this material is unique to Dan.


From A to Zugzwang

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  • How to view openings as tabiyas (positions reached after standard moves) so you’ll appreciate where the pieces should go, which pawn breaks to play for and how to steer the game in the direction you want.
  • How to spot tactical opportunities, avoid blunders and use the “Loman Series” to analyze complex situations with speed and accuracy.
  • The 5 techniques that govern King & Pawn and Rook endings – 80% of all positions you’ll encounter in the final phase.
  • How to use the 3 types of chess vision to find moves you wouldn’t normally consider, how to evaluate positions using a points system and use the Stoyko exercize to rapidly improve your calculation.
  • And much much more!
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Thought Process and General Improvement

1. Introduction to Pawns (0:35:55)
2. Introduction to Thought Process (0:27:17)
3. Thought Process (2): Analytical and Non-Analytical Positions (0:33:37)
4. Theory of Chess Improvement (0:46:24)
5. Introduction to Time Management (0:26:36)
6. Evaluation Criteria (0:32:14)
7. Common Evaluation Misconceptions (0:27:05)
8. Break Moves (0:21:39)
9. Guide to P-R3 (0:24:48)
10. The 20-minute Exercise (0:28:44)
11. The Maung Lesson (0:27:55)
12. Introduction to Mobility and Activity (0:27:52)
13. It's a Different Game When You're Way Ahead (0:30:33)
14. More pawns in the middle is good (0:26:57)
15. The margin for error (0:23:31)
16. Strategy Based on Central Pawn Structure (0:27:39)
17. Examples of Chess Logic (0:25:59)
18. A key Part of the Thought Process (0:28:45)
19. 20-minute Exercise #2 (0:29:11)
20. The Most Important Strategic Decisions (0:27:31)
21. Dan vs Computer: Live & Verbalized (0:27:59)
22. Avoid the Common Quiescence Error (0:22:35)
23. Dan vs. Computer #2 - Slower Game (Part 1) (0:23:24)
24. Dan vs. Computer #2 - Slower Game (Part 2) (0:22:53)
25. The 3 Types of Chess Vision (0:27:42)
26. Initial and Final Candidate Moves (0:27:05)
27. 20 Minute Exercise #3 (0:27:55)
28. Dan vs Computer #3 - Part 1 (0:23:19)
29. Dan vs Computer #3 - Part 2 (0:24:53)
30. Identifying Candidate Moves (0:27:59)
31. 20-minute exercise #4 (0:29:56)
32. Dan vs. Computer #4 (Part 1) (0:29:05)
33. Dan vs. Computer #4 (Part 2) (0:26:18)
34. Pawns: Majority Rolls and Bishops in the Opening (0:28:38)
35. Using Computer Engine to Analyze on ICC (0:30:06)
36. 20-minute exercise #5 (0:30:39)
37. The mythical Capture with the Least Valuable Piece principle (0:24:58)
38. Hope Chess, Hand-Waving, and Acquiescing (0:27:45)
39. Special 64th Birthday: 4 Problems (0:30:06)
40. 20-minute exercise #6 (0:29:08)
41. An overview of "Planning" (0:27:40)
42. 20-minute exercise #7 (0:28:36)
43. Move by Move chess Book Series (0:27:24)

Tactics and Safety

1. Introduction to Safety and Counting (0:43:41)
2. Is It Safe? (0:30:22)
3. The Seeds of Tactical Destruction (0:38:36)
4. Tempos and Threats (0:29:24)
5. Removal of the Guard (0:23:21)
6. The Loman Series* (0:24:47)
7. When is a King Safe? (0:22:27)
8. The Safety Table (0:28:34)
9. Five Ways to Make A Piece Safe (0:27:53)
10. AWL: Attack it with something Worth Less (0:26:11)
11. Invisible Moves and Sneaky Pins (0:28:46)
12. Finding Combinations in Games and Puzzles (0:25:30)
13. Pattern Recognition is NOT Sufficient (0:30:02)
14. Finding Tactics in Puzzles and Games (0:27:08)
15. Defensive Tactics (0:24:42)


1. Learning Tabiyas: The Closed Ruy Lopez (0:35:00)
2. Tabiyas 2: King's Indian Defense Main Line (0:40:26)
3. Tabiyas 3: Sicilian Dragon, Yugoslav Attack (0:24:47)
4. Tabiyas 4: Two Knights Defense: Fried Liver/Lolli (0:21:35)
5. Tabiyas 5: Sicilian Sveshnikov (0:20:38)
6. Using Openings to Improve (0:28:16)
7. Tabiyas 6: French Winawer (0:23:35)
8. Tabiyas 7: Sicilian Najdorf (0:26:04)
9. Tabiyas 8: Slav Defense (0:23:15)
10. Tabiyas 9: Open Ruy Lopez (0:21:11)
11. Queen's Gambit Declined & Slav Defenses (0:23:14)
12. Tabiya 10: French Defense (Tarrasch Variation) (0:25:23)
13. Tabiyas 11: Avoiding the Exchange Gruenfeld (0:28:11)
14. Tabiyas 12: The Trappy Cambridge Springs Defense (0:26:06)
15. Tabiya 13: Queen's Gambit Accepted (0:26:33)
16. Tabiya 14 - g3 English (0:29:21)
17. Gambit Overview (0:24:08)
18. Teach Me Something About Openings (0:28:17)
19. Tabiya 15 - Qc2 (Classical) Nimzo-Indian (0:29:20)
20. The Most Common Opening Inaccuracies (0:29:51)
21. Tabiya 16 - Caro Kann, Classical Variation (0:26:28)
22. Learning Opening Tactics with The Winning Way (0:26:10)
23. 1900 Plays Fast and Suffers Upset (0:29:03)
24. Beginner Opening Overview (0:28:11)
25. Tabiya 17 - Giuoco Piano (0:28:33)
26. Tabiya 18 - Modern Benoni Classical Variation (0:28:04)
27. Tabiya 19 - Sicilian Four Knights (0:25:24)
28. Tabiya 20: 2.c3 Sicilian Overview (0:29:51)
29. Riga Variation Fun (0:29:10)


1. King and Pawn vs. King (1) (0:31:16)
2. King and Pawn vs. King (2) (0:32:27)
3. King, Pawn and ? vs King (0:32:36)
4. Queen vs. Pawn on the 7th Rank (0:33:59)
5. Rook vs. Connected passed pawns (0:19:57)
6. King and Two Pawns vs. King and Pawn (0:28:23)
7. Instructive Amateur King and Pawn Endgame (0:24:00)
8. Trading Pawns When Ahead (0:28:23)
9. King and Pawn vs. King and Pawn (0:29:30)
10. Endgame Techniques (0:27:05)
11. The Real and Mythical Outside Passed Pawn (0:28:17)
12. Just One -Easy- Recapture in the Deep Endgame (0:28:08)
13. Zugzwang (0:29:14)
14. Philidor and Lucena (0:26:34)
15. Solving an Endgame Puzzle (0:27:04)
16. Technique: King and 5 pawns vs King and 4 pawns (0:31:33)
17. Trebuchet and Friends (0:27:40)
18. Pawn Promotion or...? (0:27:38)
19. Tic-Tac-Toe and Dance-Around (0:25:08)
20. Beyond the 3-Pawn Endgame Trick (0:30:21)


NM Dan Heisman 

 is one of the most sought-after coaches in America. He coaches celebrities (including TV and radio personality Howard Stern) as well as the next generation of stars and has won multiple awards for his work.


  • I'm very happy thus far with this product, I had the chance to watch some videos, and I can sense the approach by Dan Heisman. I know that he's a great teacher and his knowledge is transferred in a zestful manner.
  • Mr. Heisman is a chess teacher par excellence, and this series showcases his teaching ability. He is clear and logical in his presentation of concepts. He gives a lot of great coaching tips and advice throughout. I particularly like the way he demonstrates sound chess thinking as he presents thematic material or as he comments on games. This series covers a wide range of topics that would be beneficial for most players. Highly recommended!
  • Dan Heisman is a master and a maestro, that is an excellent teacher. I was a bit disappointed by the technical quality at first, but the standard of the teaching and the content of the lessons soon overcome that. Technical support was also excellent, as I had some trouble downloading.


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