EVALUATION of Positions Mastery

with FM Zaur Tekeyev

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FM Zaur Tekeyev Reveals...

It doesn’t matter if you can calculate 15 moves ahead…

And it doesn’t matter if your openings are top-notch, computer-aided bombshells…

Without the ability to accurately evaluate positions, you’ll still end up making mistakes and throwing away your hard-earned advantages.

Sometimes we call it “seeing the truth in the position”.

What is really going on?

Are you winning? Are you even better? Should you be defending?

Guys like Magnus Carlsen can see the “truth” and evaluate positions at a glance, but for non-masters, a reliable evaluation system is needed.

And that’s what I asked FM Zaur Tekeyev to provide for you.

In Evaluation of Positions Mastery he has broken down the system he uses to evaluate ANY type of position and he has done it in a way anybody of any level can understand.

You’ll discover how to instantly recognize your bad pieces, problems with your king safety, pawn structure issues, and much more.

Basically it’s all the stuff GMs look at when they’re assessing a position.

You’ll Learn AMAZING Evaluation Skills Like...

  • How GM Nunn’s “Weird” Idea Created an Attack from Thin-Air! Discover the evaluation blueprint GM Nunn followed to see deeply into the position and find the move leading to a deadly attack (VERY few players below 2000 are aware of this method!)
  • Capablanca’s “Dead Piece” Technique! FM Tekeyev reveals an amazing method Capa often used to “kill” his opponent’s pieces and leave them out of the game permanently! After applying this idea, you literally just play the rest of the game one piece ahead!
  • How Botvinnik Squeezed Enemy Pawn Weaknesses Until They Fell like Ripe Apples! Discover how this Soviet superstar evaluated pawn structures and most importantly...how to attack pawn WEAKNESSES like an expert! (See Chapter 14)
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Evaluation of Positions Mastery – Video Course [6 hours 30 minutes]

FM Tekeyev has just completed a fantastic training course that simplifies the entire process most strong players use to “read” positions and evaluate them as pros do. In just 6 hours you’ll emerge from this course with a crisp new understanding of chess and the ability to make smarter positional decisions in all of your games.

Let's Practice - Video Section

This course includes a set of 8 training tasks specifically designed to help you master the ideas and principles of evaluating the position and apply in your own games. You'll be asked to come up with the best plan, the sequence of moves, or a strategy using the evaluation "algorithm" that FM Zaur Tekeyev shares throughout the course.

Access to Practicum

Train the important move sequences with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

PGNs of all games

Downloadable PGNs of the games presented in the course with Master’s analysis, extra lines and ideas.


  • Chapter 1

    What is evaluation and why you need it

  • Chapter 2

    How Masters evaluate positions

  • Chapter 3

    King's safety 1

  • Chapter 4

    King's safety 2

  • Chapter 5

    Pieces activity 1

  • Chapter 6

    Pieces Activity 2

  • Chapter 7

    Pieces Activity in Symmetrical Pawn Structures 1

  • Chapter 8

    Pieces Activity in Symmetrical Pawn Structures 2

  • Chapter 9

    A bad piece 1

  • Chapter 10

    A bad piece 2

  • Chapter 11

    Material advantage

  • Chapter 12

    Bishop pair advantage

  • Chapter 13

    Statics and Dynamics

  • Chapter 14

    Static weakness - An Isolated Pawn

  • Chapter 15

    Capablanca's lesson about a better pawn structure

  • Chapter 16

    Space advantage

  • Chapter 17

    Open files 1

  • Chapter 18

    Open files 2

  • Chapter 19

    Doubled pawns 1

  • Chapter 20

    Doubled pawns 2

  • Chapter 21

    Doubled pawns 3

  • Chapter 22

    Finding the main theme

  • Chapter 23

    Let's practice

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FM Zaur Tekeyev (FIDE 2407)

is a FIDE Master with one International Master norm. Zaur has been coaching chess players of different ages and levels for many years. As a player, he has won multiple tournaments, one of the best results being the 1st place in Russian National Students' Chess League Championship (Moscow Open, 2017). Zaur is also a big online blitz player, with online rating of over 2800.

Evaluation of Positions Mastery

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