Like a Pro

by IM Asaf Givon and Aggelos Kesaris

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IM Asaf Givon Reveals...

A Proven System for Exchanging Pieces That Makes Your Opponents Look Silly

Which pieces to keep and which to exchange is one of the most important questions in chess. Club players think "exchanging" means swapping pieces of equal value and fail to take the strategic factors into account.

IMs and GMs know better.

They first evaluate how the exchange will affect the position and only then worry about the material balance. This kind of thinking removes the limitation that most club players have... they are simply SCARED of material imbalance.

And that's understandable because without a clear understanding of the position you cannot afford to give up a piece.

You can learn to exchange pieces like a Pro!

We picked the 9 most common middlegame structures and meticulously explored EACH and EVERY one of them in this brand-new course Exchange Like a Pro. The outcome is the powerful arsenal that you can use to crash your opponents.

In this course, IM Asaf explains how to make decisions in exchanging the pieces, how to isolate the opponent’s bad pieces and how to create weaknesses.

Here is what you can expect from this course:

  • Dramatically increase your control in 9 most common middlegames structures... and never be afraid of making a bad exchange again
  • Quicker decision making... make your moves quickly, saving your energy and time on the clock
  • Break down even the toughest opponents... by creating a winning position with good exchanges and finishing the game in style
  • Improved middlegame vision... start seeing the ideas, strategies, and tactics one or two exchanges away
  • Rock-solid confidence... when you know that all the exchanges are in your favor

Load Your Game with IM-Level Exchanging Techniques in just a few short hours! Let’s get started.

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The Video Lessons (202 minutes)

In this course, IM Asaf explains how to make decisions in exchanging the pieces, how to isolate the opponent’s bad pieces and how to create weaknesses.

Powerful Practical Tasks [+PGNs]

It is necessary to put the received knowledge into practice. There are 9 practical tasks (50 games) in this course which will help you to understand and remember the ideas of the course better.

The training program has a detailed explanation on what and exactly how you should do the practical tasks.

KEY Materials For Printing

Includes the 130-page PDF book going over all the lines, variations and secrets you need to know to become a very successful chess player (you can even challenge high rated and titled players with this knowledge).

To further reinforce what you have learned, you get diagrams and other key materials for printing that you can pin in your chess library or computer room.


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  • LESSON #1


    In this course, we’re going to discuss a lot of different types of strategic exchanges that occur in chess.

  • LESSON #2

    Hierarchy of the Chess Pieces

    In this course, we’re going to learn basic ideas which will help you understand better the remaining lessons on how to exchange chess pieces

  • LESSON #3

    How to Choose Your Other Half?

    This lesson shows the combination of chess pieces or chess couples.

  • LESSON #4

    Evaluate the Chess Pieces Like a Pro

    This lesson shows how to Evaluate the Chess Pieces Like a Pro.

  • LESSON #5

    The 5 Most Important Rules on Trades

    In this lesson, Asaf explains how and when to trade the pieces.

  • LESSON #6

    Exchange Material for Precious Stones

    In this lesson, you’ll learn all of the basic rules on how to exchange your pieces with your opponent’s counterparts.

  • LESSON #7

    Isolating a Bad Piece

    In this video, we’re going to talk about piece exchanges in order to isolate a bad enemy piece.

  • LESSON #8

    Defensive Exchanges

    In this lesson, we’re going to discuss some defensive exchanges.

  • LESSON #9

    Good Endgame

    In this video lesson, we will continue discussing some piece exchanging, manoeuvres and ideas. This video will be a complement to the one which talked about exchanging pieces in order to simplify going to a good endgame, where you have a material advantage.

  • LESSON #10

    Create Weaknesses

    In this video, We continue to discuss this topic in chess which we call “Piece Exchanges”.

  • LESSON #11

    Create Weaknesses II

    In this lesson, we’re going to discuss another aspect of the piece exchange, we will talk about cases where we exchange a certain piece for an enemy piece in order to create some weaknesses in his position.

  • LESSON #12

    Decision Making-Exchanges or not

    In this video, I’m going to talk about piece exchanges, but not just piece exchanges; we’re going to take a look at scenarios where we are ready to exchange pieces but only under our conditions.

  • LESSON #13

    Material Advantage

    In this video, we’re going to talk about how to exchanging pieces in order to realize an advantage or to simplify the position.

  • LESSON #14

    Space Disadvantage

    In this video, we’re going to talk about piece exchanges in a cramped position, or you might also call this topic how to use piece exchanges to use space disadvantage or a cramped position


IM Asaf Givon

Asaf Givon is an International Grandmaster has played for the Kfar Saba team in the first Israeli chess league. He got his IM title at 2013, and he currently have 2 Grandmaster  norms. He started teaching chess since he was 16.


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