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If you want to take your chess level to master level, no matter what your current level is, then we have exactly what you need.

Ukrainian GM Igor Smirnov has produced one of the greatest collections of chess lessons.

He has developed his own training method based on his knowledge of human psychology and his understanding of the human brain’s learning process.

This exhaustive chess course collection includes 30 courses strategically designed to help beginners, intermediate and advanced chess players.

You can now buy ALL the courses together, with a HUGE discount!

GM Smirnov’s Courses are Laser-Targeted to Improve Specific Areas of Your Game at Lightning Speed — For Example:

  • Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory gives you a complete opening repertoire for both colors and provides you with the 3 step formula for guaranteeing a good opening. You get video training in all openings as well as over 600 sample games, plus eBooks for later review.
  • In Grandmaster's Positional Understanding you'll discover why Bobby Fischer was such a virtuoso in B vs. N positions and Petrosian's brilliant “pawn flood” attacking method. GM Smirnov outlines the key themes involved and how you can model these ideas in your own games.
  • Play like Fischer: Bobby played with incredible, relentless power and found many ingenious ideas – yet each move was based on clear logic, making him an excellent player to copy. In this course, GM Smirnov shows how you can apply Bobby’s most brilliant ideas!

And then there’s Calculate till Mate (the ground-breaking course on GM calculation), Self-Taught GM (where GM Smirnov teaches you how to train yourself to be a GM) and many more amazing courses - all yours in a single bundle.

These are just a few courses from his Entire 30 course collection!


Smirnov's Mega Bundle:

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Entire GM Smirnov's Library:

  • Attack and Win by GM Smirnov
  • 7 Keys to Victory – GM Smirnov
  • Think, Plan and Win – GM Smirnov
  • Play Like Bobby Fischer – GM Smirnov
  • A Promoted Pawn – My Chess Journey – GM Smirnov
  • How to Beat Stronger Opponents – GM Smirnov
  • Winning the Middlegame – GM Smirnov
  • The Grandmaster’s Opening Lab – GM Smirnov
  • The Grandmaster’s Opening Lab 2 – GM Smirnov
  • The Grandmaster’s Opening Lab – Bonus Pack
  • Defending Champion – GM Smirnov
  • An Endgame Expert – GM Smirnov
  • How to Beat Titled Player – GM Smirnov
  • Self-Taught Grandmaster – GM Smirnov
  • Crushing The King – GM Smirnov and CM Gavriel
  • The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding – GM Smirnov
  • Calculate Till Mate – GM Smirnov
  • The Grandmaster’s Secrets – GM Smirnov
  • From Opening to Middlegame – IM Asaf Givon
  • Unlocking Grandmaster’s Mind – GM Dlugy
  • Master Grunfeld Defense with Black
  • Champion Psychology
  • How to Find Positional Chess Sacrifices with IM Asaf Givon
  • Top Secrets in Rook Endgames with IM Mat Kolosowski
  • Master Chess Pattern Recognition with IM Valeri Lilov
  • The Secrets of Strong Players with GM Igor Smirnov
  • Mikhail Tal’s Magic Revealed with GM Igor Smirnov and Mato Jelic
  • Master the Sicilian Pawn Structures – IM Mat Kolosowski
  • Converting Your Advantage into a Full Point – IM Valeri Lilov
  • Practical Endgames with IM Asaf Givon
  • Karpov’s Positional Style Revealed with IM Asaf Givon
  • The Entire GM Smirnov's Library

    This exhaustive chess course collection includes 30 courses strategically designed to help beginners, intermediate and advanced chess players.

  • Hundreds of Special Tasks & Games

    It is necessary to put the received knowledge into practice. There are TONs of practical tasks in this Library which will help you to understand and remember the ideas of the course better.

    The training program has a detailed explanation on what and exactly how you should do the practical tasks.

  • KEY Materials For Printing

    We’re providing you with the course in e-book format (PDF) and you can study the video lessons separately as well.

  • Fully Downloadable

    You download and keep all the materials for lifetime


  • Was initially skeptical that such a good deal could be real. This is one of the FEW deals that looks to good to be true, but is actually legit. If you still have doubt, search ichess.com on your own, go to their customer support, and ask. I did this exact thing and I have no regret. Thanks Igor for making chess affordable. 🙂
    Michael W.
  • The course makes me concentrate on the right approach to improve my chess abilities.
    Paul A.
  • Learned a lot from the courses! Excellent !!!
    Yang W.
  • Smirnov is so clear and easy to understand. It’s a bargain!
    Wallace K.
  • Absolutely hands-down the best multimedia chess courses I have ever used. Highest recommendation.
    Greg B.


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