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Positional chess is linked to the core understanding of the game and perhaps the hardest part of chess to improve. You can work on tactics, endgames and opening theory all you want, but that won’t help you at building your positional understanding. Positional understanding is something which comes with experience, and requires a special attention for most players.

What is the main difference between a Grandmaster and an amateur?

Is it the opening knowledge? Tactical wisdom? The endgames skill?

No... It is the understanding of positions on a very fundamental level, or what’s called the positional understanding.

Do you know why the Grandmasters win every time against amateurs?

Grandmasters win because they understand the position on the board much better at any given time and know, even without any calculations, what’s the next best move should be.

A good positional understanding allows to:

  • Rapidly evaluate any kinds of chess positions
  • Instantly come up with a winning game plan
  • Assess which pieces should be left alone, and which need to be exchanged
  • Determine which pieces need to be improved and how that can be done
  • Find weaknesses in the opponent’s position and exploit them

The problem that most amateur players face nowadays is the lack of positional understanding. Most players work on tactics, openings and endgames but fail to improve perhaps the most important part of the game: the Middlegame.

That’s quite illogical, taking into account that the majority of chess games are decided in this stage.

GM Mikhaylo Oleksienko believes that working on positional chess is a KEY to success for most under 2400 rated players.

In this 3 hour video course, GM Oleksienko will teach you the secrets of Grandmaster level position understanding.  He will show you exactly how Grandmasters’ thought process works in unclear middle game positions, when an important decision needs to be made.

GM Oleksienko will cover some of the most important positional chess ideas including the problem of exchange, exploitation of weaknesses, minor pieces activity, queens exchange, and so on.



  • Grandmaster Level Positional Understanding Video Course

    Instant download of the 3+ hour long, positional chess video course with GM Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko. This video covers the most important positional concepts that any competitive chess player must know.

  • Access to Positional Chess Trainer

    Get access to the special tasks for the course as well as to the course practicum. You will be able to practice certain positions against our computer trainer.

  • Download PGNs of All Examples From The Video

    Download examples covered in the video course in both PGN and ChessBase notation formats, so that you can analyze it at your convenience.

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  • Chapter 1

    Improving Your Worst Piece

  • Chapter 2

    Knight vs. Bishop

  • Chapter 3

    Aiming for the Weakness

  • Chapter 4

    The Problem of Queen’s Exchange

  • Chapter 5

    Advanced Techniques

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GM Mikhaylo Oleksienko (FIDE 2643)

is a strong International Grandmaster, winner of many International Chess Tournaments including David Bronstein Memorial, 20th Abu Dhabi Chess Festival , ZMDI Open, etc. GM Oleksiyenko is also a coach of the Netherland Women’s Chess Team and a Certified FIDE Trainer.

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  • q-iconIs it a physical DVD or a digital download?

    The video is an instant download. The endgame practicum is accessed via the secure area on the server.

  • q-iconWhat package should I get?

    Combination of the video course with the endgame practicum will lead to faster results. If budget is an issue, the video by itself is also great.

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    If you have another question about this chess course, feel free to contact me.