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FM Zaur Tekeyev Reveals...

The Sicilian Defense is a perhaps the most popular response to 1.e4 and has been favored by world champions from Fischer and Kasparov to Carlsen.

It offers you a chance to equalize the position quickly, giving a real chance to turn the tables on white and score those vital wins with the black pieces.

The problem?

Loads of theory and all types of scary attacks to remember (and avoid!).

But if you’re ready to become a game-winning Sicilian player this week, Russian FM Zaur Tekeyev has a brand new recommendation for you.

The Lowenthal Sicilian is a special brand of Sicilian. You get simple, positional plans and minimal theory, plus, you avoid all of the ultra-sharp stuff other Sicilian players have to face.

No tightrope walking for you.

In Lowenthal Sicilian Mastermind, FM Tekeyev guides you step-by-step through this ROCK-SOLID Sicilian explaining the (very) minor amount of theory you’ll need to remember, plus, solid enough middlegame plans to draw with Magnus himself (See chapter 2!)!

You get 10 hours of HD video lessons and a complete PGN file of all lines and key games to study...

The Sicilian Lowenthal Helps You...

  • Get EASY Equality! This line has you getting the queens off early and taking all the bite out of white’s system. This is a super solid line that equalizes immediately, and is totally underestimated by 90% of club players!
  • Punish ALL Anti-Sicilian NONSENSE!: Some guys’ll try to get clever and sidestep the mainline with tricky stuff like the Grand Prix Attack and similar... Never fear! FM Tekeyev arms you with dangerous weapons to humiliate all of these guys. No Smith Morra , Rossolimo or Alpin Sicilian will be able to penetrate your defenses!
  • Dominate the Bishops with KILLER Knight Outposts! As I said, this is NOT your average Sicilian...In this line you’ll learn how to use your superior positional skills to make your knights hop circles around his so-called “bishop-pair”
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Lowenthal Sicilian – Video Course [10 hours 8 minutes]

FM Zaur Tekeyev has just released his comprehensive repertoire course on the Lowenthal Sicilian and it covers EVERYTHING you need to get started winning with this line.

Access to Practicum

Train the important move sequences with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

PGNs of all games

Downloadable PGNs of the games presented in the course with Master’s analysis, extra lines and ideas.


  • Intro

    Introduction to Lowenthal Sicilian

  • Chapter 1

    Qxe7 endgames

  • Chapter 2

    The mainline

  • Chapter 3

    Qf3 and a4 in the mainline

  • Chapter 4

    Sidelines in the Lowenthal

  • Chapter 5

    Sidelines on move 5

  • Chapter 6

    Nf3 Nc3 and Nc3 Nge2

  • Chapter 7

    Rossolimo without 4.Bxc6

  • Chapter 8

    Rossolimo with 4.Bxc6

  • Chapter 9

    Tiviakov Gran-Prix

  • Chapter 10

    The Gran-Prix Attack, 2.f4 and 2.Be2

  • Chapter 11

    Closed Sicilians, 2.g3, 2.c4

  • Chapter 12

    Alapin Variation Part 1

  • Chapter 13

    Alapin Variation Part 2

  • Chapter 14


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FM Zaur Tekeyev (FIDE 2407)

is a FIDE Master with one International Master norm. Zaur has been coaching chess players of different ages and levels for many years. As a player, he has won multiple tournaments, one of the best results being the 1st place in Russian National Students' Chess League Championship (Moscow Open, 2017). Zaur is also a big online blitz player, with online rating of over 2800.

Lowenthal Sicilian

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