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tactical mastery

IM Mat Kolosowski Reveals...

How Masters Win in the Middlegame... by Controlling What Happens in the Center

Every chess player knows the CENTER is critical… but most just stick a pawn on d4 or e4, drop a knight on f3 and start attacking.

And they wonder why it doesn’t work...

However, their bad habit is your golden ticket…

Learn the secrets of advanced central control and you will:

  • Enjoy hyperactive pieces that dominate every key square, paralyzing your rival’s play.
  • Be able to lock or open the center when it favors you, leaving your opponent scrambling to react.
  • Know which flank to attack on and where to place your pieces for the best chance of success.
  • Find deep strategic ideas that give you a winning endgame – if your opponent lasts that long!

Very few club players really understand all there is to know about the center… but YOU can be one of them.

In his new 10 hour course, IM Mat Kolosowski reveals the many secrets of central control - and how you can use them to dominate your games.

Some of what IM Kolosowski reveals:

  • Powerful attack formations in closed positions. Just when your opponent has settled in for a slow maneuvering game, you blow open the position and lay siege to the enemy king! See how the great Larry Christiansen used this idea to turn this position into a win just 5 moves later.
  • The 2 things you need to crush with a queenside avalanche without having to worry about getting mated. (See how Kasparov lost to this in just 31 moves as White in chapter 6!)
  • How to use the center to maximize your space advantage – and what to do next to convert that space into material superiority.

IM Kolosowski has taken these advanced concepts and presented them in a way that any ambitious player will be able to understand and use. Now it is your move!

Let's begin?

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PART 1: Closed Centre - King's Side Attacks

  • Intro

    Introduction to the course

  • Chapter 1

    Playing for an attack

  • Chapter 2

    Two Types of attacks in closed positions

  • Chapter 3

    Launching an attack

  • Chapter 4

    Getting a counter play I

  • Chapter 5

    Getting a counter play II

PART 2: Closed Centre - Attacking on the Queen's Side

  • Chapter 6

    Queen's side attacks

  • Chapter 7

    How to win a closed position?

  • Chapter 8

    Combined Attacks I

  • Chapter 9

    Combined Attacks II

  • Chapter 10

    Attacking in Ruy Lopez

  • Chapter 11

    Playing on both sides of the board

PART 3: Open Centre

  • Chapter 12

    Pawn majority and the outposts

  • Chapter 13

    King's side pawn majority attack

  • Chapter 14

    Bishop pair - why is it so important?

  • Chapter 15

    Bishop pair - controlling the important squares

  • Chapter 16

    Control over the center

  • Chapter 17

    How to use the initiative and utilize space?

PART 4: Dynamic Centre and Non-Standard Positions

  • Chapter 18

    Mobile centers

  • Chapter 19

    Breaking through and seizing the initiative

  • Chapter 20

    Evolving center

  • Chapter 21

    Imbalances: space vs. weaknesses

Here is what's included:

Everything in one package

Mastering the Center with IM Mat Kolosowski [10.5-hour course]

In this 21-lesson, 10.5-hour course IM Mat Kolosowki reveals the secrets of central control - and how you can use them to dominate your games. IM Kolosowski has taken these advanced concepts and presented them in a way that any ambitious player will be able to understand and use.

Complete set of PGNs

Downloadable, complete set of PGNs of everything covered so that you can analyze it at your own pace and convenience. A must have treasure chest for any serious player.

Access to Practicum

Train the important move sequences with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

Brief Summary of the Course [PDF]

The downloadable summary of the key points covered in the course for quick reference and reviewing. Use it as a quick refresher after studying the course or print it and pin it on the wall.

Extra Training Tasks [PDF]

Advanced training tasks are there to take your chess understanding to the next level! Learn from the ideas and strategies of the strongest players. After solving those problems you will get one step closer to chess mastery!

Applying the Theory [34-minutes]

Watch IM Kolosowski outplaying his competition with the ideas, principles, and plans demonstrated in the course. This extra video will help you see how everything works together!

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IM Mat Kolosowski (FIDE 2451)

Mat Kołosowski is an International Master from Poland. He is a multiple Polish youth championship medalist. In 2010 he took 5th place in European U-18 Championship. During the course of his chess career Mat won many international tournaments. Apart from being a player he is also a chess coach who has experience in working with students from more than 20 countries. So far he helped a few of them in obtaining their own international titles. Mat has also performed live commentary of Polish and European Rapid and Blitz Championships.


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