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tactical mastery

GM Danny Gormally Reveals...

7 Hours of Practical, Tournament-Winning Blueprints of a Full-Time Chess Professional 

“I was doing well but missed his idea and he tricked me...This guy is a really tricky player!”

You’ve heard such things right? Maybe you’ve even been the victim of such a player.

The ability to find resources that shocks, unsettles and strikes fear in your opponents is a rarely discussed skill of really successful tournament players.

Whether it’s that subtle pawn thrust that "seems" to come from nowhere yet leaves his queen without squares, or clever opening preparation with engines of monstrous strength...

...or even the ability to stay calm when losing, so you can launch a devastating counterattack and snatch victory.

These are essential skills, but rarely taught…

Until now.

In Middlegame Trickery, GM Daniel Gormally gives you almost 7 hours of training that’ll turn you into that psychologically strong, street-smart tournament player who is ready for anything.

Interested in What You’ll Learn?

  • The Deadly Pawn Strike Even MAGNUS Missed! In the “Unexpected Pawn Moves” training, GM Gormally reveals an idea so deep that even Carlsen himself missed it! Learn why this move is CRUSHING and how to effortlessly find killer pawn moves in your own games!
  • GM Gormally’s Piece Sac Formula: Want to Know How to Blast Open the Kingside of 2600 Guys? In Chapter 20: Gormally Attacks, he shares an example where, from a level position he sacs a bishop and places serious pressure on a strong GM. Try these ideas out for yourself and you’ll be delighted in the results!
  • How Michael Adams Sacrifices the Exchange to Positionally DOMINATE Other GMs! Micky Adams is known as a positional maestro...you’ll learn his exchange sac technique that unbalances the position and makes your carefully established knight outposts overwhelming! (see Chapter 15: Tricky Opening Preparation)

Time to get started!

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  • Chapter 1

    Slippery Defense

  • Chapter 2

    Counter-Attack I

  • Chapter 3

    Counter-Attack II

  • Chapter 4

    Counter-Attack III

  • Chapter 5

    Counter-Attack IV

  • Chapter 6


  • Chapter 7

    Taking Risks

  • Chapter 8

    Finding Unexpected Moves I

  • Chapter 9

    Finding Unexpected Moves II

  • Chapter 10

    Finding Unexpected Moves III

  • Chapter 11

    Finding Unexpected Moves IV

  • Chapter 12

    Finding Unexpected Moves V

  • Chapter 13

    Tricky Opening Preparation I

  • Chapter 14

    Tricky Opening Preparation II

  • Chapter 15

    Tricky Opening Preparation III

  • Chapter 16

    Tricky Opening Preparation IV

  • Chapter 17

    Unexpected Pawn Moves I

  • Chapter 18

    Unexpected Pawn Moves II

  • Chapter 19

    Unexpected Pawn Moves III

  • Chapter 20

    Gormally Attacks I

  • Chapter 21

    Gormally Attacks II


Everything in one package

Middlegame Trickery with GM Daniel Gormally - video course [7-hours]

English GM Daniel Gormally has just completed the 7-hour Middlegame Trickery course containing his complete blueprint to tournament dominance! GM Gormally shares secrets of computer preparation, slippery defense, how to stun opponents with unexpected moves and shocking sacrifices, plus much more.

A Comprehensive PGN of ALL Games!

Once you’ve watched the lesson videos, load up your PGN file and play through the games, fully annotated by GM Danny himself!

Unlimited Access to Online Practicum

Want to add ROCKET FUEL to your practical chess skills? The Online Practicum is tough…but once you solve them, all of GM Gormally’s lessons will suddenly "click" and your Elo will jump!

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GM Daniel Gormally (FIDE 2573)

is one of the United Kingdom’s top Grandmasters. He represented England in 2006 chess Olympiad as well as in many other International events. GM Gormally is a world-renowned chess coach and a prominent expert in Calculation Technique. He is a regular contributor at ChessBase and New in Chess publications, as well as the author of multiple chess books and DVDs.


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