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tactical mastery

Renowned coach IM Milovan Ratkovic reveals...

Ultimate “quickstart” Course on the Modern Covering Move Orders, Attacking Plans and Strategic Blueprints You Can Implement in Your Own Games

So your opponent plays 1.e4 and you think to yourself "here we go again!" - preparing yourself to fend off the attack - no matter how brutal it is.

Sometimes you hold them off and win, sometimes they checkmate you.

Sometimes you remember all the theory, sometimes you forget something and it’s a disaster.

I know the feeling, don’t worry.

What if you could SKIP the theory and jump straight to your favorite positions?

Where you start from positions you’ve practiced at home, where you know the plans and feel *very* comfortable.

With the Modern Defense, you can do just this.

With the Modern Defense, white plays 1.e4 and you quietly fianchetto your bishop, and then depending on what he does, you use one of a handful of plans to dismantle his center, attack his king, or both!

Sounds great, right? Are you ready to give it a try?

IM Milovan Ratkovic has just released the ultimate "quickstart" course on the Modern, a 10 hour mastermind covering move orders, attacking plans and strategic blueprints you can implement in your own games.

IM Ratkovic teaches you to…

  • Respond with FORCE Against ALL Flank Attacks! The biggest danger in the Modern is that pesky kingside h4/g4 pawn storm...IM Ratkovic shares the perfect remedy to this with direct and dynamic action in the center.
  • Remember PLANS not Theory! You’ll learn to approach the opening thinking “shall I adopt this plan or that plan?” - NOT rote memorisation of lines. This result is much greater mastery of positions!
  • Attack Without Risk! Placing that bishop in front of your king gives a lot of safety...the same cannot be said for WHITE’S king! IM Ratkovic serves up several attacking plans you can adopt to terrorize him before he even gets close to breaking through!

Add to your 10 hours of high-quality video lessons a complete PGN file of ALL analysis and you’re armed with all you need to get great, comfortable positions as matter what white tries!

Interested? Let me help you get started.

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  • Chapter 1

    Main Line Part I

  • Chapter 2

    Main Line Part II

  • Chapter 3

    Main Line Part III

  • Chapter 4

    Main Line Part IV

  • Chapter 5

    4.Be3, 5.Qd2 Setup Part I

  • Chapter 6

    4.Be3, 5.Qd2 Setup Part II

  • Chapter 7

    4.Be3, 5.Qd2 Setup Part III

  • Chapter 8

    4.Be3, 5.Qd2 Setup Part IV

  • Chapter 9

    g3 System Part I

  • Chapter 10

    g3 System Part II

  • Chapter 11

    g3 System Part III

  • Chapter 12

    4.f4 Part I

  • Chapter 13

    4.f4 Part II

  • Chapter 14

    4.f4 Part III

  • Chapter 15

    3.h4 Variation Part I

  • Chapter 16

    3.h4 Variation Part II

  • Chapter 17

    3.h4 Variation Part III

  • Chapter 18

    e4,d4,c4 Part I

  • Chapter 19

    e4,d4,c4 Part II

  • Chapter 20

    e4,d4,c4 Part III

  • Chapter 21

    e4,d4,c4 Part IV

  • Chapter 22

    Other Lines e4,d4,f4 System

  • Chapter 23

    Other Lines e4,d4,c3

  • Chapter 24

    Other Lines - Unusual Lines


Video Course + PGNs + Practicum

Modern Defense Mastermind with IM Milovan Ratkovic - video course [10 hours]

IM Milovan Ratkovic has just released the ultimate “quickstart” course on the Modern, a 10 hour mastermind covering move orders, attacking plans and strategic blueprints you can implement in your own games.

Complete set of PGNs

Downloadable, complete set of PGNs of everything covered so that you can analyze it at your own pace and convenience. A must have treasure chest for any serious player.

Access to Practicum

Train the important attacking motifs with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

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IM Milovan Ratkovic (FIDE 2411)

is a Serbian International Master and chess coach. Some of his top students were able to reach 2400 and 2300 Elo respectively. IM Ratkovic is an active tournament player and one of his near-future goals is obtaining the Grandmaster title.


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