with Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy

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Every club player wants to have a Grandmaster level opening preparation. However, once you start working on the openings you realize exactly how time consuming that is. You may spend days on studying a single line, which you’ll probably never see in any of your games.

And that's very disappointing...

The theory found in books is generally very advanced, with zillions of main-lines, sub-lines, sub-variations, off-beat lines… you name it. To understand just a little bit of a single opening you need to go through dozens of variations, and unless you have a photographic memory that simply won’t work.  Club players cannot spend months studying a single opening for black pieces!

We understand that!

How wonderful would be to spend just 2 hours of your time and to understand the main ideas and plans behind 20 different openings? Would you feel more confident playing your next game if you knew that there are no d4-lines out there that can catch you off-guard?

Well, here is your chance. GM Maxmim Dlugy has compiled his 20 years of opening theory experience into a single crash course.

You won’t learn how to outplay Kasparov or Carlsen out of the opening. What you will learn is how to play high quality opening moves against any under 2200 rated opponent. That’s exactly what >95% of club players need!

In fact, GM Dlugy personally used some of those ideas and moves to beat IMs and GMs! The video course contains 22 bite-sized lessons which are easy to understand. GM Dlugy does an excellent job presenting the most important ideas of the openings so that you can start applying them right away.

This is NOT another “theoretical” course. This is a pure practical advice teaching you the moves that win games.  Even if you hate opening theory, this course is so simple and easy-to-understand; you’ll fall in love with it!

Time to get started!



Openings Crash Course with GM Maxim Dlugy – Video Course [about 2 hours]

The course teaches how to play the most popular d4-openings with white and black pieces. You will learn the most important ideas, plans, pieces maneuvers and strategies in a very compressed crash-course format.

Only must-know ideas are includes

Learn most fundamental ideas of 20 openings in matter of hours straight from the opening expert and Garry Kasparov’s ex-second GM Dlugy.

Well-structured, practical suggestions only focusing on what really matters

Essential principles, plans, and GM-Level strategies clearly explained, in easy-to-understand form which you can apply in your own games starting today! Great for short-on-time club players, which need to learn the openings ASAP.

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  • What are the most important principles that allow getting a playable position every single time?
  • What is the number #1 most common mistake that club players make in the opening?
  • What opening lines you should play, and which you should totally avoid?
  • How to avoid most common opening traps in d4-lines for both white and black?
  • What to do after the opening?
  • And much more!


  • Chapter 0:

    Queen's Pawn Game Krause variation

  • Chapter 1

    Queen's Gambit Accepted Borisenko-Furman Variation

  • Chapter 2

    Grünfeld Defence Classical Exchange Variation

  • Chapter 3

    Slav Defense Botvinnik Variation

  • Chapter 4

    Alekhine's Defense

  • Chapter 5

    Benko Gambit

  • Chapter 6

    Blumenfeld Gambit

  • Chapter 7

    English Defense Bramen Reverse Dragon Variation

  • Chapter 8

    Budapest Gambit

  • Chapter 9

    King's Indian Defense Exchange Variation

  • Chapter 10

    Benoni Defense Classical Variation

  • Chapter 11

    Owens Defense: Part I

  • Chapter 12

    Owens Defense: Part II

  • Lesson 13

    Dutch Defense Leningrad Variation

  • Lesson 14

    Neo Grunfeld Defense

  • Lesson 15

    Nimzo-Indian Defense Classical Variation

  • Lesson 16

    Queen's Indian Defense Petrosian System

  • Lesson 17

    Scandinavian Defense Pytel Wade Variation

  • Lesson 18

    Nimzo-Indian Defense Rubinstein System

  • Lesson 19

    King's Indian Defense Saemisch Variation

  • Lesson 20

    Semi-Tarrasch Defense

  • Lesson 21

    Albin Counter-Gambit


GM Maxim Dlugy (2570 FIDE)

is a former US Junior Champion, World Junior Champion, 2 times National Open Champion, 2 times World Open Champion, and a Former President of the US Chess Federation. He has helped prepare both Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov for major international events (including world chess championship matches), has an opening variation named after him and has many young students in the top 50 lists in the United States.


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