PAWN STRUCTURES - The Crash Course

with IM Bryan Solano Cuya

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IM Bryan Solano Cuya Reveals...

Have you ever heard the famous saying "the pawns are the soul of chess"?

Well, it's wrong.

The pawn structures are the soul of chess.

  • The pawn structure determines the direction of the game
  • The pawn structure dictates the best plan
  • The pawn structure even decides what side has an opening advantage or a winning ending

Simply put, if you understand pawn structures, you understand chess.

Understanding pawn structures used to be the privilege of titled players and a complete mystery for the rest.

Not anymore.

We have invited IM Bryan Solano Cuya to demystify the pawn structures once and for all!

In this brand-new 11-hour Pawn Structures Crash Course, Bryan reveals everything you need to know about ALL 11 most common pawn structures from Carlsbad Formation to Maroczy Structure!

For each structure, you'll learn the typical plans, weaknesses, attacking motifs, piece placement, and long-term goals.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • Reading the Pawn Structures: How to know exactly what direction the game will evolve, so you can pick the best plan from the "library" that IM Cuya prepared for you!
  • Winning with The Minority Attack: The proper way to play the minority attack, so that you can pick one of the two setups and keep your opponent guessing about what's coming
  • Botvinnik's f3-e4 break: A lightning-quick attack that leaves your opponents hopelessly defending in the center, while you finish them off on the wing
  • Secrets of Panov's Formation: How IMs and GMs skillfully avoid the isolated pawn positions
  • The "Stonewall" Blueprint: How to always have an edge in Stonewall structure by positioning your minor pieces and recapturing with the correct pawn
  • Maroczy Planning: the easiest way to play against the Maroczy Structure - 2 solid plans for Black

Add instant pawn-structure recognition SKILL into your chess toolbox and your wins will come much easier.

Ability to flawlessly “read” the structures will give you a home-field advantage in ALL your games!

You’ll be in total control. 

Simply recognize the structure and follow the proven-and-tested plan from the course.

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Pawn Structures: The Crash Course – Video Course [11 hours 10 minutes]

IM Bryan Solano Cuya has developed an 11-hour training to “read” and understand the pawn-structures. After finishing this course, you will have a complete understanding of all 11 most common pawn structures including all the plans, ideas and techniques. It’s like having a home-field advantage in ALL your games!

Access to Practicum

Train the important move sequences with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

Database of all games

Downloadable database of the games presented in the course with Master’s analysis, extra lines and ideas.


  • Part 1

    Isolated Queen's Pawn

    d5 pawn break
    f4 pawn break
    Transferring a heavy piece to the attack
    Defending against the IQP
    Pawn endgame
    Bishop endgame
    Good knight vs bad bishop
    Rook endgame

  • Part 2

    Hanging pawns

    d5 pawn break
    Attacking the hanging pawns e-pawn break
    Attacking the hanging pawns with pieces

  • Part 3


    Minority Attack
    Attacking on the kingside
    Controlling the center
    Counterplay on the kingside
    Controlling the queenside

  • Part 4

    Caro Slav Formation

    Caro Slav Formation
    d5 break
    Stopping c5
    White uses his king majority (Slav)
    Playing against the majority on the kingside (Slav)
    And much more!

  • Part 5

    d5 Chain

    White attacks on the queenside
    Black potential on the kingside
    Countering black kingside attack
    White fights on the kingside with gxf5
    The modern way to play against gxf5

  • Part 6

    Complex King's Indian

    White breaks with c5
    White takes on e5
    Black takes on d4

  • Part 7

    e5 Chain

    The Wedge formation
    Counter the Wedge formation
    f6 pawn break

  • Part 8

    Panov Formation

    b6 & e5 break
    Attacking the base of the chain
    Countering black ideas

  • Part 9

    Stonewall Formation

    When not to exchange the bad bishop
    White takes on d5
    Consequences of exchanging the outpost
    Attacking on the kingside
    Always look for dynamic possibilities

  • Part 10

    Closed Sicilian English Structure

    Be careful of the black attack on the queenside
    Avoiding the enemy f pawn to get the fifth rank
    Controlling the center
    Taking control of the outpost
    Nimzo - Botvinnik formation

  • Part 11

    Maroczy Structure

    f2-f4 plan
    c5 break
    Opening the center with e5
    Countering white with b5 break
    Blacks breaks with f5
    Scheveningen Maroczy formation

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IM Bryan Solano Cuya

is an International Master from Costa Rica. Bryan won multiple national and international tournaments including Centroamericano del Caribe 2016, National Games in 2012, and Costa Rica Blitz Championship in 2017. He has been a part of the Salou Team in Spain. Bryan is a full-time chess player, coach and streamer.

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