Download The 35 Most Important Principles of Chess

Skyrocket Your Chess With These Little Known Chess Strategies

  • Simple to use chess strategies that you can apply to your own games
  • 48 pages of high quality, straight-to-the-point chess instructions that will make difference in your chess
  • Coverage of the most important principles of CHESS including: opening, middlegame and the endgame
  • Suggested resource section is there to make your job finding what you need to do in order to improve your game as easy as 1-2-3

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Thanks for giving us this priceless information for free. Many of the paid resources I've used aren’t nearly as good as this little guide.  I read it many times and it totally altered my understanding of the game. Thank you again!

Thomas Jennins , US, 1750 elo

This book clearly explains complicated chess concepts in very simple, easy to follow manner. Even such a novice player as myself was able to learn and apply some of this ideas. Kudos!

Amit Pal , India, 1300 elo