with IM Milovan Ratkovic

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tactical mastery

Renowned coach IM Milovan Ratkovic reveals...

How to Beat 1.d4, Outplaying Your Opponents Game-After-Game... all without Having to Remember much Theory

Ever thought that d4 players have things too easy?

They pretty much know they’re going to be facing either the King’s Indian or Slav/QGD and THEY get to choose which variation gets played.

This gives your opponent a big advantage in the opening… and they get the first move!

Hardly seems fair, does it?

Thankfully there’s a way to turn the tables and get that opening advantage on your side.

Ruin your opponent’s prep as early as move 2 with the Queen’s Gambit Accepted. This logical but rarely played opening is full of aggressive counter-play for Black – and lets you dictate play.

Serbia’s IM Milovan Ratkovic has just finished the Queen’s Gambit Accepted Mastermind, a 10-hour complete repertoire for putting d4 players to the sword!

This Mastermind will teach you:

  • How to use modern dynamic methods to unleash a storm of tactics that pin White down for a long time (unless they make one slip, in which case the game ends quickly!)
  • Natural, forcing opening moves that rip open White’s position, leaving them nowhere safe to put their king. (This diagram is after just 7 moves – Black gets an overwhelming attack whatever White does!)
  • Castling secrets. Milovan reveals when to castle kingside, when to castle queenside and when to leave your king in the center so your pieces coordinate in a killer attack

This is a complete attacking repertoire from one of the top young coaches in chess today.

  • If you like to call the shots in every game…
  • If you like seeing those d4 players having to think for themselves by move 5…
  • If you like being in rich tactical positions that you know like the back of your hand…

…start playing the Queen’s Gambit Accepted today!

Ready to take control and dominate against 1.d4? Load Your Game with IM-Level Opening Secrets in just 10 short hours! Let’s start.

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  • Chapter 1

    Queens Gambit Accepted

  • Chapter 2

    Central Variation

  • Chapter 3

    Old Variation I

  • Chapter 4

    Old Variation II

  • Chapter 5

    Old Variation III

  • Chapter 6

    Old Variation IV

  • Chapter 7

    Nf3 Variation I

  • Chapter 8

    Nf3 Variation II

  • Chapter 9

    Nf3 Variation III

  • Chapter 10

    Nf3 Variation IV

  • Chapter 11

    Nf3 Variation V

  • Chapter 12

    Nc3 Variation I

  • Chapter 13

    Nc3 Variation II

  • Chapter 14

    Nc3 Variation III

  • Chapter 15

    Qa4+ Variation I

  • Chapter 16

    Qa4+ Variation II

  • Chapter 17

    Qa4+ Variation III

  • Chapter 18

    Unusual lines I

  • Chapter 19

    Unusual lines II

  • Chapter 20

    Unusual lines III


Video Course + PGNs + Practicum

Queen's Gambit Accepted with IM Milovan Ratkovic - video course [10 hours]

In this 10-hour, 20-chapter course, IM Ratkovic reveals his complete opening repertoire against 1.d4 based on Queen's Gambit Accepted. If you want to get an exciting attacking opening that you know far better than your rivals do, THIS is your super-weapon!

Complete set of PGNs

Downloadable, complete set of PGNs of everything covered so that you can analyze it at your own pace and convenience. A must have treasure chest for any serious player.

Access to Practicum

Train the important attacking motifs with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

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IM Milovan Ratkovic (FIDE 2411)

is a Serbian International Master and chess coach. Some of his top students were able to reach 2400 and 2300 Elo respectively. IM Ratkovic is an active tournament player and one of his near-future goals is obtaining the Grandmaster title.


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  • q-iconIs it a physical DVD or a digital download?

    The video is an instant download. The endgame practicum is accessed via the secure area on the server.

  • q-iconWhat package should I get?

    Combination of the video course with the endgame practicum will lead to faster results. If budget is an issue, the video by itself is also great.

  • q-iconI have another question to ask you.

    If you have another question about this chess course, feel free to contact me.