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tactical mastery

Have you ever met a very strong endgame player, that is not so good overall? I haven't.

Is that a coincidence? I don't think so, and there is one very good reason for that.

Without a solid understanding of how pieces work together on the most fundamental level, you can't play middlegame or an opening to the FULL CAPACITY.

How do you acquire that skill set?

The short answer is by studying the ENDGAMES.

The problem is...

Most club players focus solely on theoretical endgames. Those are the positions from that 800+ page endgame manual which require A LOT of memorization.

That means you need a truckload of time.

Even after memorizing those there is no guarantee you'll retain the information and recall it when it arises in one of your games. And the worst part, what if it is slightly different from what you've learned in the book? Then you're officially stuck.

I know it sounds awful. That's why I want to show you a much better way.

This course has a very different perspective on improving your endgames. Instead of taking a usual route of memorizing hundreds of positions, you'll learn the key endgame themes, strategic plans, and ideas. That’s a far more efficient way of studying endgames because in chess the endgame and strategy are always interconnected, following one another.

In this 10-hour "university level" course, IM Mat Kolosovski provides you with the full arsenal of all the necessary tools to crack practical endings. By learning those 5 endgame themes and applying Mat’s thinking models you'll be able to maximize your over the board performance in no time!

Here are some of the strategies you will learn:

  • What are the most common weaknesses and how to exploit them specifically in the endgame?
  • King's Activity and how to use this very important principle to get an upper hand in all your games
  • How to use the imbalances to turn the tables on your opponent; what to pay attention to and what to look out for? [this is the most important and misunderstood theme for the club players]
  • How to convert your endgame advantage into a clear win - the most common mistakes to avoid. It is never easy but once you learn the thinking mechanism you'll find your game elevated to the next level.
  • The practical approach of defending in inferior positions - a must know for all competitive chess players. This is what separates IMs and GMs from the rest of the field.

If you ever wanted to learn how to become a world-class endgame player and start cracking endings subconsciously on an AUTOPILOT here is your real chance!

And most importantly, not only your endgame will improve, and your winning chances will rise, but also, you’ll become a much more solid middlegame player with better opening awareness.

Let's begin?

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Part 1: Weaknesses

  • Intro

    Introduction to the course

  • Chapter 1

    What is weakness

  • Chapter 2

    Creating 2nd weakness I

  • Chapter 3

    Creating 2nd weakness II

  • Chapter 4

    How to find the 2nd weakness

  • Chapter 5

    You have to give something to get something

Part 2: King's activity

  • Chapter 6

    Dominating with a king

  • Chapter 7

    King the savior

  • Chapter 8

    Killer King

  • Chapter 9

    Smyslov - the endgame virtuoso

Part 3: Material & positional imbalances

  • Chapter 10

    Material or positional pluses

  • Chapter 11

    Bishops or activity

  • Chapter 12

    Pay attention to details

Part 5: Converting the advantage

  • Chapter 13

    Initiative serves conversion

  • Chapter 14


  • Chapter 15

    Mind the timing

  • Chapter 16

    Prophylaxis in the attack

Part 5: Defence

  • Chapter 17

    Hopeless rook endgames I

  • Chapter 18

    Hopeless rook endgames II

  • Chapter 19

    Creative defense

  • Chapter 20

    Defending by counter-attacking

  • Chapter 21

    The attack is the best defense

Part 6: Practical Section 

  • Blitz

    Strategic endgames practical play [Diamond only]

Here is What's Inside:

Everything in one package

Strategic Endgame Mastery with IM Mat Kolosowski [10-hour course]

In this 20-lesson, 10-hour mastery course IM Mat Kolosovski provides you with the full arsenal of all the necessary tools to crack practical endings. By learning those 5 endgame themes and applying Mat’s thinking models you'll be able to maximize your over the board performance in no time!

Complete set of PGNs

Downloadable, complete set of PGNs of everything covered so that you can analyze it at your own pace and convenience. A must have treasure chest for any serious player.

Access to Practicum

Train the endgame motifs and important move sequences with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

Extra training tasks [PDF]

Set of extra training tasks, which are designed to challenge your endgame skills after completing the course. Think of it as your final exam. PGNs with solutions are included as well.

Applying the Theory [30-minutes]

Watch IM Kolosowski demolish his competition using the ideas, principles, and plans demonstrated in the course. This extra video will help you see how everything works together!

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IM Mat Kolosowski (FIDE 2451)

Mat Kołosowski is an International Master from Poland. He is a multiple Polish youth championship medalist. In 2010 he took 5th place in European U-18 Championship. During the course of his chess career Mat won many international tournaments. Apart from being a player he is also a chess coach who has experience in working with students from more than 20 countries. So far he helped a few of them in obtaining their own international titles. Mat has also performed live commentary of Polish and European Rapid and Blitz Championships.

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