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National Master Dan Heisman, one of the most instructional chess coaches in the world, brings us this winning video collection Thought Process and General Improvement.

In this comprehensive package, Dan explains something as simple yet complex as thought process, and how it’s applied correctly and (incorrectly!) in chess.  He explains how to evaluate, analyze, calculate, and use judgement and memory.  This collection on Thought Process and general improvement comes with 42 videos for you to relish and enjoy.

NM Dan Heisman explains everything that happens after your opponent makes a move until you make yours.

The thought processes that lead you to make decisions while playing a chess game. It is extremely important to be able to guide your thought processes towards the right direction, when you are faced with crucial decisions.

Strategy and step-by-step instructions to improve your game are the keywords of this formative and not-to-be-missed series!

What is it about?

This bundle includes some of the highest quality training material Dan Heisman has ever produced, aimed at all levels of play, although especially valuable for the intermediate and club players.

Now, for the first time, Dan has put his unique "thought process and general improvement" lessons, philosophies and findings into an incredible 20 hour series. And to celebrate its launch you can get a huge 60% off the standard price.

Dan Heisman’s teaching is all about process. You don’t just learn what to do in a common pattern and hope it appears in your game. You learn how to find the right idea in any position.

That’s what makes it so effective.

Being an original thinker, most of this material is unique to Dan. And now you can fully benefit from this incredible collection... You're a one step away from becoming a much stronger player!



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What's Included?

  • Thought Process - Video Course [20-hours]

    In this 20-hour package, Dan how to evaluate, analyze, calculate, and use judgement and memory.  This collection on Thought Process and general improvement comes with 42 videos for you to relish and enjoy.

  • Bonus section for complete training

    We’ve also added a bonus section on evaluation and chess planning. Will be very useful for improving players.

  • Fully Downloadable

    You download and keep all the materials for lifetime.

  • BONUS [$29.95 Value]

    FREE 3-month membership at Internet Chess Club (ICC). Only available to first 25 buyers.

Thought Process


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  • #1 key part of the thought process that most club players miss, but you won't
  • Initial and final candidate moves - the master plan for you to follow
  • The most important strategic decisions and how you can make them like a GM
  • The theory of chess improvement and how you can achieve greater results at a fraction of usual time
  • Strategy and step-by-step instructions to improve your game as smoothly and efficiently as possible
  • How to use mobility and activity to crash your opponents
  • And much more!
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Thought Process and General Improvement

1. Introduction to Pawns (0:35:55)
2. Introduction to Thought Process (0:27:17)
3. Thought Process (2): Analytical and Non-Analytical Positions (0:33:37)
4. Theory of Chess Improvement (0:46:24)
5. Introduction to Time Management (0:26:36)
6. Evaluation Criteria (0:32:14)
7. Common Evaluation Misconceptions (0:27:05)
8. Break Moves (0:21:39)
9. Guide to P-R3 (0:24:48)
10. The 20-minute Exercise (0:28:44)
11. The Maung Lesson (0:27:55)
12. Introduction to Mobility and Activity (0:27:52)
13. It's a Different Game When You're Way Ahead (0:30:33)
14. More pawns in the middle is good (0:26:57)
15. The margin for error (0:23:31)
16. Strategy Based on Central Pawn Structure (0:27:39)
17. Examples of Chess Logic (0:25:59)
18. A key Part of the Thought Process (0:28:45)
19. 20-minute Exercise #2 (0:29:11)
20. The Most Important Strategic Decisions (0:27:31)
21. Dan vs Computer: Live & Verbalized (0:27:59)
22. Avoid the Common Quiescence Error (0:22:35)
23. Dan vs. Computer #2 - Slower Game (Part 1) (0:23:24)
24. Dan vs. Computer #2 - Slower Game (Part 2) (0:22:53)
25. The 3 Types of Chess Vision (0:27:42)
26. Initial and Final Candidate Moves (0:27:05)
27. 20 Minute Exercise #3 (0:27:55)
28. Dan vs Computer #3 - Part 1 (0:23:19)
29. Dan vs Computer #3 - Part 2 (0:24:53)
30. Identifying Candidate Moves (0:27:59)
31. 20-minute exercise #4 (0:29:56)
32. Dan vs. Computer #4 (Part 1) (0:29:05)
33. Dan vs. Computer #4 (Part 2) (0:26:18)
34. Pawns: Majority Rolls and Bishops in the Opening (0:28:38)
35. Using Computer Engine to Analyze on ICC (0:30:06)
36. 20-minute exercise #5 (0:30:39)
37. The mythical Capture with the Least Valuable Piece principle (0:24:58)
38. Hope Chess, Hand-Waving, and Acquiescing (0:27:45)
39. Special 64th Birthday: 4 Problems (0:30:06)
40. 20-minute exercise #6 (0:29:08)
41. An overview of "Planning" (0:27:40)
42. 20-minute exercise #7 (0:28:36)
43. Move by Move chess Book Series (0:27:24)



NM Dan Heisman 

 is one of the most sought-after coaches in America. He coaches celebrities (including TV and radio personality Howard Stern) as well as the next generation of stars and has won multiple awards for his work.


  • I'm very happy thus far with this product, I had the chance to watch some videos, and I can sense the approach by Dan Heisman. I know that he's a great teacher and his knowledge is transferred in a zestful manner.
  • Mr. Heisman is a chess teacher par excellence, and this series showcases his teaching ability. He is clear and logical in his presentation of concepts. He gives a lot of great coaching tips and advice throughout. I particularly like the way he demonstrates sound chess thinking as he presents thematic material or as he comments on games. This series covers a wide range of topics that would be beneficial for most players. Highly recommended!
  • Dan Heisman is a master and a maestro, that is an excellent teacher. I was a bit disappointed by the technical quality at first, but the standard of the teaching and the content of the lessons soon overcome that. Technical support was also excellent, as I had some trouble downloading.



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